3.00 / month

✔ Gift extra subs to help TEAM Simplexy.
If you want to give more subscriptions then that is possible everything is processed as 1 subscription so if you buy 10x €3 this will be counted as 1 SUB. The overall subscription counter will go up by 10.
✔ VIP (Discord & Forum)
You get a VIP role on discord.
✔ VIP page on the website (€ 3, – TAB).
On our main website will be a tab subscriptions the content here is TAB features and without features all subscribers will be put here.
✔ Help TEAM Simplexy growing to stable organization.
You have a contribution to the development and growth of the organization and company.
✔ Be a part of our family (Get invites to events and join the subgroups)
You become a member of our team because you invest in our team, you can be invited to events and other subgroups that may be created because of tournaments and other events.
✔ Get access to our player group at the forum & discord. Ask questions to our players or management.
Get special access to discord group(s) and permissions on our forum and get in touch with a player or management. This is not a 24/7 service regarding answers.

Delivery time is 1 – 2 days. (no refunds)